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History of the Middle Temple – Hardcover


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Edited by Richard O. Havery

Prologue: The Knights Templar Jonathan Riley-Smith
Article: The Temple Church John Toulmin
Chapter 1: The First Two Centuries John Baker
Article: Buildings of the Middle Temple Richard O Havery
Chapter 2: Conflict, Change and Continuity: Elizabeth I to the Great Temple Fire Wilfrid Prest
Article: The Maritime Connection Richard Hill
Article: Literary Associations of the Middle Temple Jessica Winston
Appendix: Men of Letters Associated with the Middle Temple Lesley Whitelaw
Chapter 3: The Unreformed Middle Temple Wilfrid Prest
Article: The American Connection John Colyer
Appendix: The American Connection John Colyer
Chapter 4: The Middle Temple in the 19th Century Raymond Cocks
Article: The Inn as a Disciplinary Body David Woolley
Chapter 5: The Middle Temple Since 1900 Eric Stockdale

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